5 Trendy Vintage Inspired Handbags We Found On Instagram

We decided to go on the hunt for some of the trendiest vintage inspired handbags that we could find on Instagram. We found the hottest and latest. The retro style purses are definitely the must have accessory this year.

Not only do these handbags look great, they're practical too. The perfect add on for your summer look.

Here are our top 5 vintage inspired handbag picks carried by some of our favorite Instagram celebrities.

# 1 Rocky Barnes 

Lessons in lei making🌸🌺🌴 #rockytakesmaui #montagememory #clicquotdestinations #hakulei

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We're seeing this round style everywhere on Instagram. Rocky is showing off her cute handbag in beautiful Maui. 

You don't have to travel that far to get yours!

Small Straw Weave Handmade Beach Handbag

#2 Sazan Hendrix


Sazan Hendrix looks beautiful with this designer bamboo handbag! This is the ark handbag made famous by Instagram. 

You can have a quality genuine bamboo handbag without the name brand price!

#3 Adenorah

La magie Dior ✨ #diortheartofcolor

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Adenorah is carrying a beautiful basket style handbag. The basket handbags are a hot trend right now and are not only stylish by practical too.

We loved it so much we had to find one for our store.

Wicker Basket Beach Handbag

#4 Devin Brugman

The umbrellas in Italy have me on a serious stripe vibe ⛱ #positano

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Devin looks beautiful and the basket handbag she's carrying is so cute. We're seeing this cute little handbag pop up more often.

We couldn't not carry it.

Htb11tyarvxxxxxkxfxxq6xxfxxxk grande


Blair is carrying an adorable shell handbag. I couldn't think of something more perfect and stylish for the beach. We fell in love with it the first time we saw it and know you will too.

A beautiful shell handbag that won't cost you a lot of clams.

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$29.99 $49.99
Clam Shell Straw Beach Handbag