Tips for Taking Better Pictures

Tips for Taking Better Pictures

“Photography is the beauty of the life captured.” –Tara Chisholm. 
The current era is all about saving your memories into pictures that we can cherish later. Since we all have high quality cameras in our pockets now, photography has become a part of our everyday life. Because we take pictures every now and then, learning a few tips for taking better pictures always comes in handy. Here are five ways to upgrade your photography game.
Eye Contact Is Important

Just as it is important to make eye contact while having a conversation with someone, it can also add an engaging and meaningful effect to the picture as a picture says a thousand words.
Use Flash Only When Needed

Flash photography can be a huge turnoff when it is not needed. Only use flash when you need to light up a very dark frame. Use flash in dark rooms and outdoors with sunlight coming from the back to brighten up your picture.
Apply the Rule of Third
Framing is very important when it comes to photography. To make sure your picture is creating a smooth eye movement, use the rule of third for setting your horizon and subject of focus.
Take Selfies in Portrait Mode

Landscape mode is good for outdoor photography but when it comes to taking selfies, portrait mode is always a good option. It creates more focus around your face and does not distract the eye more towards the background.
Good Lighting is the Key

Good lighting can take your pictures from zero to 100 instantly. Make sure your pictures are properly lit from all the right places. Also play around with exposure to further adjust the lighting. 

With these tips and tricks up your sleeves, you can level up your photography from mediocre to flawless.