Adorn Your Body With This Season's Top Trendy Jewelry

Looking for new trendy jewelry to wear this summer season? We’ve got you covered! Jewelry has the power to enhance your fashion statement and bring out what you can’t express with your clothes. We at Surf Gypsy bring you the hottest jewelry of this season, so be prepared to ease the load on your wallet!

  • Tortoise Necklace with stone accents

This beautiful and sophisticated pendant is perfectly compatible with any casual dress. The stones give it a shimmery look and catch attention. The delicate detailing of the pendant is just an added advantage!

  • Three Leaves Ear Cuff Wraps

This classy silver ear cuff is all you need to add some glamor to your dress. Pair it up with a formal dress and see the tremendous amount of difference this small piece of jewelry can make! Be sure to tuck your hair behind your ears when you do wear it so that it doesn’t get hidden away.

  • Infinity Toe Ring

This adorable piece of jewelry will enhance your summer look! Wear it to the beach or flaunt it in the mall! It’s tiny, adorable, delicate and has a deep meaning behind it as the symbol on the ring represents the infinity symbol. This would also make a great gift to give to your significant other!

  • Silver Owl Bracelet with Turquoise Stone

This bold and wildly intricate bracelet is perfect for the summer season with a soothing turquoise stone and a pretty eye-catching owl. The delicate intertwining network of strips radiating from the owl give it an intricate look.

  • Imperial Crown Shape Barefoot Sandal Jewelry

This delicate jewelry is perfect to wear to the beach! It will give you a sophisticated look without going overboard.

Grab these pretty articles before they run out of stock! You’re bound to be asked by everyone where you got them from because that’s just how pretty they are.